Frequently Asked Questions

Twelve (12) key questions you should ask before entering the business opportunity of ultrasonic blind cleaning.

Before deciding on the company that you will purchase your ultrasonic blind cleaning machine and opportunity from, please use the following 12 KEY questions when inquiring on the services each company offers. We have provided you with our answers from under each question.

We train you for three (3) days for at least 8 hours a day. Our training is challenging, fun and an experience that will stay with you when starting your business, we want you to be ready to succeed immediately. Also, there is our ON-LINE TRAINING to refer to.

At you are trained by the owner himself or by a certified representative of the company.

Once our clients finish their training program with us, they have the option to take the N.A.C.U.C. Certification test. After passing, you will become one of only a few certified blind cleaners in the world. Does it matter? Yes, for instance, if you are placing a bid for a large commercial job, the vendor always places weight on the fact one of them is certified. was the first company in this industry to develop on-site mobile blind cleaning trailers. You spend a day on the road going to actual “on-site” jobs, learning hands-on how you can clean and dry EVERY type of blind on-site. We show you how our mobile trailers operate.

At we encourage our business owners to keep in touch and call us with any problem or concern that arises BEFORE it can become a problem 24/7 toll-free. We even stay in touch with you to be sure your business is running well.

We train you in all aspects of the business from blind cleaning, blind repairs, blind sales, blind installation, and of course, how to market your business for immediate success. After all, we are not just a manufacturer. We have been cleaning and repairing blinds since 1987.

At, all personal on the other end of the support call is required to be certified in blind cleaning…or he/she can’t take the call.

At we provide the opportunity to completely set yourself up. This includes cleaning solutions, drying tools, marketing literature, and much more. BUT NEVER BELLS & WHISTLES

We have been cleaning blinds for a long time. We have NEVER seen the reason for all of these fancy extras that our competition loves to sell. Like thermostatically controlled heaters, inspection racks, low water level sensors, and more. A BIG WASTE OF MONEY. Give us a call, we would love to save you time and money. is the only company in the ultrasonic blind cleaning industry that has taken the time and effort to develop the first and only ON-LINE TRAINING

Our Hands-On training center is located in Alden, NY. If visiting Alden, NY for your training is not convenient, you will also have excess to our comprehensive ON-LINE training site. Several of our competitors believe in sending their clients to one of their customers to get trained…WHY? We see to it that all of our customers have the best chance to succeed by being training by the owner or certified employees of and then supported with our ON-LINE training site.

All of our certified blind cleaners have the opportunity to have their blind cleaning business listed on the only true blind cleaning business directory. Hundreds of visitors a day visit and looking for a certified blind cleaner in their area. We don’t just sell you equipment, we help bring business to your equipment.