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Ultrasonic Blind Cleaners

Six (6’) Ft. Utlrasonic Blind Cleaner
Eight (8’) Ft. Utlrasonic Blind Cleaner
All in One Multi-Purpose Cleaner generators offer unmatched efficiency, versatility and dependability. Two simple connections allow you to remove and re-install our generators when performing preventive maintenance. To ensure quality control, each generator is run for a continuous 72-hour test before being installed into our blind cleaners.

Slide drawer for easy access to generator.

User-Friendly, Durable & Best Warranty


Each generator has been engineered with solid-state circuitry for continuous operation. From single switch ease of operation to full control of operating parameters.

Warranty Service blind cleaners carry a warranty against defects and workmanship for two years on our generators and ten years on our transducers... the best warranty in the industry. For any warranty service, simply call us and we will take care of the rest. It's that simple!

Power Control

Located on our generators, our intensity control feature allows you to control the amount of ultrasonics that are delivered to the cleaning side of the tank. This unique feature will enable you to clean all types of aluminum mini blinds that have special finishes like metallic, pearl, brushed aluminum and even laminated surfaces. With our power control knob we have taken the guess work out of cleaning all types of blinds, especially those that require special attention, such as certain fabric blinds like silhouettes, luminettes and shades with privacy linings.

Transducers piezoelectric transducers are reliable and can reduce the energy costs for operation as much as 60 percent over magnetostrictive transducers.


Safety, durability and maneuverability were on our mind when considering the choice of heavy-duty locking casters for our blind cleaning machines.

Foot Pedals

Our blind cleaners come equipped with a convenient on/off foot pedal. This will allow you to handle blinds while controlling the power to your machine.

Water Drains

Conveniently located in front and behind the left access door are two ball valves. These valves are designed to drain both wash and rinse sides of your blind cleaner.

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